About Me

Why 'The Real Katie'?

Growing up, I was surrounded by false Katies: Kathryns, Katelyns, Katrinas, Kates abounded. They all, of course, shortened their name to 'Katie.' This lead to all of us being called by our first name and last initial. I was preceded by another Katie C., so I ended up being called 'the Real Katie,' since my given name is actually 'Katie.'

What do you do?

I'm a Python and Django developer for Cox Media Group. On the side, I do Android development and put up tiny Django sites for my own amusement.

I also write for O'Reilly and Pearson. I have a book on making accessible websites coming up soon, and a book on learning programming with Python due in 2013.

Your background is in Psychology?

Indeed, it is. Specifically, my background is in interface design and cognition.

Oh! You're a designer!

No. No no no. You should see how I dress my children. I have no sense of style.

When I say 'interface design,' I'm talking about how usable an interface is. Do users know what this interface is supposed to do? Can they get what they need? How many clicks does it take to get them where they need to go? What's the threshold for human perception? How do I get people to remember what I want?

In other words, a usable interface can still be ugly, and be highly usable.

Anything else I should know?

You'd probably get to know me best by finding me where ever I am on the internet. Not enough? Here's a few more facts: