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28 October 2011

It has begun. I am now really, really working from home.

The VPN Hates Everybody

Your pipeline to all things having to do with your job? It's going to go down. It's going to go down, and it's going to take all the things you needed to do your job with it.

Mine went down on day three. Thankfully, I still had my colleagues in IRC, but I realized I was disconnected from everything I could have used to solve my issues. Tech numbers, co-workers numbers, links to our help desk's site: all behind the firewall.

Lesson learned: first thing, keep a copy of your help desk number, as well as the phone numbers for anyone remotely useful.


Nothing messes with your schedule like thinking you'll be able to keep to your schedule.

As I've stated before, I use the Pomodoro method. This works for me for several reasons: not only does it stop me before I continue going down the path of the stupid, it also gives my hand a chance to rest.

If was off on my own, coding, I was able to keep to my schedule. The second I had to work with other people, it went to hell.

This wasn't a bad thing, as working with people usually meant that I was getting things done. The bad thing was that, without the visual cues, it was easy to forget to take a break to do things like grab food, water, or use the bathroom. When people start hitting physical restrictions, they get antsy, and in the meatspace, we see that. In virtual space, we might as well be well-written chat-bots.

Lesson learned: it's okay to let someone know you need to go afk for a minute. They've probably been doing it to you while your code was building.

Wires, wires, wires

I've worked exclusively off of a wireless connection for the past three years of home life, so I hadn't even thought about how close I was to a hard connection... until I had to do my first build.

No problem, I thought, I have a desk upstairs where our modem lives. I shall simply move my set-up up there! I thought I might be there for an hour... until the issues with my build started.

Three days later, I finally moved back downstairs.

My desk upstairs is super-pretty, and totally not made for eight hours of working. I missed my cubbies and supplies and space horribly. I was gleeful when I was able to move back downstairs, and am now determined to have access to a line down here.

Lesson learned: find a way to get the modem somewhere comfy.


Yeah, standing went straight to hell once I actually started working. Next week! Really really!


As long as I kept snacks next to my desk, I was good. When I was evicted from my desk, however, I was planted next to the kitchen, where all the yummy things lived.

Yes, I know we could have gotten a few more days out of that cake, but it was me or it, and I'm not buying new pants.

I am turning into a crazy person

This was highlighted most the day that my SO+ was sick, so stayed home. The office is in prime family territory, so he sat within visual contact of me. He didn't so much as make a peep at me, but I realized how much I was used to being able to talk to myself. I had to physically stop myself from getting up so I could pace aimlessly around the room.

I had to do this because he hasn't married me, yet. I figure I can break out the full crazy once the wedding is over.

What disturbs me even more is that I've only been at this three weeks. Even worse, I am utterly happy with becoming a crazy person.


I am happy to report that I have only had two PJ days in three weeks. Pants were had every single day, as were showers. I may be becoming a crazy person, but I'll be a clean crazy person.


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