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31 December 2012

Around this time of year, I like to look back at the past year, and look ahead to what I have planned for the next. It's less of a 'resolutions' post (I suck at keeping them), and more of a way to take stock of where I am and where I'm going.

2012 was crazy busy. I'm actually having trouble remembering all of the things that I did during 2012. It was like 2012 was the year of me finding ways to drive myself crazy.

I decided that it was a super idea to submit a poster, a talk, and a tutorial to PyCon. It was not a super idea. I looked like I was about to fall over by the end of the conference.

I got married. It was a small wedding. I thought this would make it effortless. Ha! Hahahah. Totally worth it, though. Renting a limo to barhop around DC rather than renting a hall and feeding 150 people crappy chicken? Best idea ever!

The book I signed a contract for in 2010 was released, and I officially became a published author. Right before this, though, was a month or so of mental anguish where I convinced myself I was a hack, and had no business anywhere near a book contract.

Not having learned my lesson the first time, I signed a contract for another book. This one is due out in 2013.

I taught classes. I taught so many classes. Two PyLadies intro classes. Part of a tutorial on PyGame. Then a class at DjangoCon, which, hilariously enough, I discovered the day of my class that my time-slot was an hour shorter than I thought it would be. Amazingly, I still made it all fit.

For the first time, one of my blog posts went viral. Then another one did.

I got my first consulting gig, and because of that, had to make a mad dash to create an LLC so it's harder to sue the pants off of me. Many thanks to #django-social for hand-holding me through that.

The boy started middle school. He's fully mainstreamed, now, so this has been our first year of walking the tightrope without a net. It's been... interesting.

The girl started preschool. She's very nearly civilized.

So, what's up for next year?

My second book will be published! My editor will personally strangle me if it isn't, so consider me highly motivated!

I have two secret projects that don't have any signed paper yet, so I can't do any more than drop less-than-subtle clues. Hint: it may involve more books!

The girl will start Kindergarten. If I don't sell the boy as punishment for not turning his classwork in, he will start seventh grade.

I want to get better with my jQuery and Javascript skills, so I'm thinking of projects that involve them. I'm seriously considering an interactive fiction engine.

I really want to finish my roguelike. When I get a chance to chill for a few hours, I'll pick it back up, probably starting with writing some tests for it. I already have some ideas for the next game I want to write (see above).

Okay, I have to go prep for a party in which I alienate most of my friends via Cards Against Humanity. Here's to an excellent 2013!


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