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31 December 2013

I don’t do resolutions. I don’t have anything against them, but they do feel like daring the universe to throw distractions and impediments your way. The few years I’ve made them, I’ve had some ridiculous results.

Plan to lose weight? Get pregnant.

Decide to spend more time on my hobbies? Get a promotion and become crazy busy.

Get the house in order? Extended family medical emergency.

So, instead, I like to look back and think about what I got done this past twelve months.


2013 was insane. I’ll sometimes talk about how I felt like I spent my early twenties idling. These days, I feel like all the action that should have happened then is being crammed into my early thirties.

Barbara Shaurette and I ran the first Young Coders workshop. Maybe someone else saw how much this was going to explode, but I was caught completely off guard. I ended up running another workshop at PyOhio, and I have several more lined up for 2014.

For the first time, I spoke at a technical conference that didn’t revolve around Python.

I published my second book. It ended up being three times as long as my first, but out in the same amount of time. I’m getting better at this!

I got my first one star review. I survived it with a bit of wine and a lot of comfort from other author-friends.

My daughter started kindergarten. All of the children are now in school!

I got the urge to mother something. Rather than have a baby, I got a dog. Dog > baby, 100%.

My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. I actually got around to planning our honeymoon. I explained to the kids that no, they were not going with us. I threatened to go into detail as to why.

I taped a series of videos for my book. I thought this would be easy, since I do talks all the time, but the experience was both surreal and educational. I learned that I talk way too fast. I also learned that being slightly prepared makes you something of a treasure in the tech world. I think I got thanked for having my slides ready the day of the shoot about forty times.

I took up knitting again. I don’t know what’s changed, but I’m suddenly knitting much faster. Projects that were taking me months to finish are now taking me weeks. Look at all these things I made this year! Most of these were done in the last quarter!

All of my finished objects for 2013. There are eleven items: One baby sweater, four sets of gloves, two scarves, two washcloths, and one bunny.

I won NaNoBlogMo. I even sold some of the posts!

I convinced two of my friends to join me at Cox. I realized that I no longer word my sentences so Cox doesn’t sound dirty. When someone makes a joke about it, I stare at them blankly. 

I brought some nail polish to a conference, and it became a thing.

2013 was so packed that I’m staring at the items above, certain I’ve missed something.


I don’t have a proposal in for a third book yet, but I have some thoughts. I’ll probably spend January banging out some outlines and seeing what sticks.

2014 actually has some planned vacations! This is a major shortcoming of mine. I tend to not plan in time to just get away and drink fancy drinks and read. I travelled a ton in 2013, but all of it was either business or to visit family (which, while nice, is totally not a vacation).

I have a few conferences lined up. Some, it will be my first time (PyTenn!), others, it’ll be like going home (PyCon!). At least this year I’ve actually planned well in advance.

The boy will start his last year of middle school. We will start preparing for high school.

The girl will start getting actual homework. I’m girding my loins for that battle.

Here’s to 2014 being as awesome, though maybe a bit less hectic, than 2013!


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