Beginners: What now?

7 October 2013

Recently, Pearson/InformIT reached out to its authors and asked us what advice we give to beginning developers. Here's my contribution!

Several times a year, I teach groups of people how to program in Python. These are absolute beginners. Many times, the first time they opened up their terminal or command prompt was that morning.

By the end of the class, they’ve learned enough to make a fairly robust program. They can save data, use files, make calculations, loop, and test for conditions. They know how to read error messages, and they’ve played with imports and libraries. I get one question, every time:

“Now what?”

At first, I told them to think of a cool project. Surely, they must know of one! No, everything neat they could think of had been done already. Or, they had an idea, but it was too big. They’d have to learn 3D animation, or advanced calculus, or a tricky API. Finally, I remembered the first project I had really undertaken on my own. It was a loot tracker for a game. My friends and I wasted a ton of time keeping track of who got what spoils when we played together in an online game. I ended up making a simple app to keep track of possible loot, who could use it, and who had gotten the last cool item.

It didn’t make me millions. No one ever used it outside of our little group. But it taught me more than most classes could. I learned how to use databases and secure them. I learned about linking up forms and organizing my code. I learned how to maintain my server, and I learned how to upgrade my system without breaking my app.

The annoyances in our lives, as much as they make us grit our teeth, are also the best places to start. The fact that they exist means there is a void in the existing technology. Perhaps the bit of code hasn’t been written, or it’s prohibitively expensive. Perhaps it’s too clunky, or terribly behind the times. Whatever the case, it represents a place the student can start their journey, and create something that makes their life, and perhaps the lives of others, better.

Here are the rest of the responses, from all over the various tech communities! They should be adding to the list all month.


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