Currently Active

Katie's Roguish PyGame
A game I'm writing while I learn PyGame. Don't expect the next Minecraft.
Accessibility Handbook
A book on 508 compliance and accessibility for web developers, published by O'Reilly.
Teach Yourself Programming with Python in 24 Hours
For the absolute beginner, takes the reader from installation to web apps and games in 24 lessons. Published by Pearson. Due 2013.

On Hold

Django Explorer
A project for exploring the packages of Django on an Android phone.
Allowance Minder
A tool for parents to set up an 'bank' for their children, complete with interest, goals, and automatic deposits.


Code Month
A not-yet-released project focused on deploying one site in one month.


Greater Lipsum
A quirky Lipsum generator that uses text from The Call of Cthullu.
A library for generating reports from a Trac database
Django glossary
A glossary add-on for Django