Upcoming Talks

PyCon 2015

Young Coders
Another class for kids, twelve and older!

Past Talks


The Young Coder
A class aimed at teaching kids how to make games with Python


Virtual presentation on accessibility for Software GR and GLSEC
An hour long presentation on accessibility with some tips and tricks for developers
O'Reilly Webcast: Making Accessible Websites
A webcast, hosted by O'Reilly, going over the basics of accessibility

jQuery Conference

Making Websites for Everyone
A talk introducing the people covered by accessibility, and how we can make our websites better for them.

Pycon 2013

The Young Coder
A class taught with Barbara Shaurette, aimed at teaching kids how to make games with Python

DjangoCon 2012

Making Accessible Websites
A tutorial on how to make 508 accessible sites

Pycon 2012

Introduction to Game Development
A tutorial with Richard Jones, stepping through the basics of game design and working with pygame.
508 Poster
A poster presentation about 508 compliance and accessibility.
A Noob Speaks to Noobs
A walk-through of setting up a user's first site in the cloud, written with those who have had minimal involvement with servers before.

PyCon 2010

508 and you: Taking the pain out of accessibility
An introduction to the concept of 508, why everyone should do it, and some painless ways to start making your site accessible.

Plone Conference 2008

Usability: From the dirt poor to the filthy rich
With Ginger Butcher. We described a variety of methods that most people could use to do their own usability testing.
NASA Science Case study
With Daniel Greenfeld. An exploration of the trails and triumphs of moving the Science Mission Directorates' website to Plone.


Lincoln Loop
Kenneth Love and I chat about Python
From Python Import Podcast
Interview on FPIP while we were at PyCon 2012
Wide Teams
My interview with Wide Teams about working remotely