For the most part, I'm a Python developer, though I also spend a significant amount of my time working in Javascript and Angular.

Though most of my work is proprietary, I do occasionally make little tools to make my life easier, or to explore a new codebase.

Version check

Checking pip requirements files can be a drag, so I decided to make an app that not only checks to see which of your requirements is out of date, but how out of date they are.

Screen sign

I participate in quite a few video calls, both for work and for teaching, so I created a simple page for when the class is breaking until a certain time, or I'm away from my desk, and will be back in a minute.

Gamemaster tools

I occasionally run a Pathfinder game, and sometimes I throw together a script to help things run more smoothly, from rolling dice for me (sacrilege!) or helping run through randomized events.

Place to eat

My husband and I can't always decide where to eat when we go out, so I decided to let Javascript make the decision for us.