Every now and then I get out of the house and give a talk at a conference! I generally talk about accessibility, writing, and coding for beginners.

The Humane Technical Interview

PyOhio (2017) The modern technical interview is broken. How do we fix it?

Usability testing on the cheap

PyCon US (2015) You don't need to spend an arm and a leg to do some basic usability testing!

Accessibility: Myths and Delusions

DjangoCon AU Keynote (2014) When we talk about accessibility, who are we talking about and what are our preconceived notions about what they need from us?

Learning to love writing

PyCon AU Keynote (2014) As developers, we need to be better writers. How can we do that and still have fun along the way?

The Young Coder: Let's Learn Python (w/ Barbara Shaurette)

PyCon US (2014) Interested in running your own Young Coders class? Here's what you need to get up and running.

Making websites for everyone

jQuery Conference (2013) How can you make websites that anyone can use, regardless of disability or circumstance?