One of the things I love to do is to bring novices into the world of coding.

Young Coders

At several conferences a year, I teach the Young Coder's classes to groups of children ages 12 and up. These classes are a chance for children to get exposure to the ideas of programming as well as giving them a chance to get comfortable in coding environments.

For more information about running one of these classes yourself, check out Barbara Shaurette's Github repo. If you're interested in me running a class, connect with me on Twitter to see if I'm available.

YouTube classes

Several times a year, I post tutorials on YouTube for beginner developers (I used to do them in-person, but they were killing my back). Older videos are recordings of live classes that I held, but recently I've been moving to simply recording them on my own and posting them.

Let's learn Flask in your PJ's

A four-video series covering getting Flask installed, creating views, and working with templates.

Let's learn Python 3 in your PJ's

A recording of a PyLadies Remote class, covering the basics of using Python, from getting up and running to using advanced data types and creating functions.

Let's learn Git in your PJ's

A review of how to use Git to properly save your code.

Let's learn Javascript in your PJ's

An introduction to Javascript for those who already know Python. How it works, why you should learn it, and how it differs from what you may be used to.